Our Time is Now

Connor Flanagan for Texas House District 64


Higher Education

Education is what drives this nation so I am going to make it my number 1 issue. Public schools are a major part of what makes this country stand out. But the American dream, the idea that one could come from any background and go anywhere, is becoming more of a myth. In Today's world, a person cannot go as far as they want without a higher education. I believe that no matter a person's economic background if they work hard and are successful in school, it should be tuition free. An educated workforce is what separates strong economies from weak ones. With a massive surplus in our budget and people not knowing where to spend it, why not invest in our future?


"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."- Albert Einstein. The catastrophe that is the common core system must be replaced. Teachers are forced to focus just teaching kids about one test, which sacrifices a kid's opportunity for a real education. Standardized testing is only good for one thing: teaching kids how to take a test.

Civil Servants

Teachers, policeman, and firefighters- without these people, the foundation on which our society is build could not exist. Texas is one of the worst states when it comes benefits for these men and women. People who are the glue that holds our society together should not have to worry about getting paid enough. There is a lot of waste in the government and many things need to be cut, but not paying these people a more livable wage is no longer acceptable.


I believe that with federal income tax, payroll tax, property tax and sales tax, the people of this state are taxed enough, The problem isn't the amount of money, but how it is spent. I will make it my mission to not only cut waste but take burdens off of those citizens who cannot bear it.


Texas has the 9th biggest economy in the world, yet we have one of the worst poverty rates out of any state. We must stop pouring money into one sector of our economy, making just the people in the oil industry rich. Oil is an important part of the Texas economy, and I believe we need to embrace that; however, as with any strong economy, we must diversify. Our entire economy should not hinge solely on the price of oil. 


Texas is very fortunate to have the massive oil industry that it does. I believe that we should capitalize on this, but at the same time invest in other types of energy. Oil subsidies must stop. We as citizens should not be forced to pay for tax breaks on companies who don't need them. We must focus attention to the way the world is going: clean energy, People say that it is too expensive and inefficient, but why is it? Oil is only cheap because everyone uses it. If more people turned towards cleaner sources of energy, it would be more affordable.


I believe that it is up to each individual person to decide their own values. I am strongly against anyone imposing their views on others, especially the government. We must all strive for what this country was founded on- Equality for all.


Why have laws if they aren't going to be enforced? There are many federal and state laws preventing companies from hiring illegal immigrants, and most are ill-enforced. It also needs to be made easier for these workers to acquire work visas. That way they can work, pay taxes and contribute to society, all without having to wait years for citizenship or be in fear of deportation.